Non-Sine Sole Iris 2014

Non-Sine Sole Iris collected the sounds of the video installation, which were realized in Cavendish Square’s Car Park in London in 2014. With unusual sound effects, reverberations caused by water on the metal trays, these are part of a small number of records made by capturing video and audio teasers of the research project.
Multiple containers with water and metallic particles suffuse on the surface reabsorbing sound which manifests by tension waves, -as if in Brechtian manner, these particles are moving, suggesting new shapes and arrangements in composition, sonically in accord with the reverberations caused by an encounter with their surroundings, and of course the raw reverberation of water on the metal tray, which itself becomes a visually sensitive subject.
It is intended in an essayistic way to study the effects of sound on the composition of images caused by the fortuitous. This concept of visual reverberation is a consequence of the formation of the image from the sound, making it essential, but the interesting aspect of the interventional proposal will be its study and formal manipulation.

gold pulvilio, water, iron