Octopus Fry 2020

Octopuses 2020 Renovar com Ines Nunes lockdown project

Technique: Parasolid modelling and 3D rendering 

Dimensions: A. 64mm D. 46mm

Octopuses designed from toilet paper cardboard tube

When I was invited to develop an object around the paper tube, It immediately took me to my childhood games, and to the ones, I played with my friends' kids. I enjoyed making puppets and manikins out of card and domestic waste.

In adulthood, I care less about crafts but still, every day, I do direct modelling on the iPad and computer-aided design for business and pleasure.

The octopus has such a beautiful and smooth shape, it quickly impresses the kids as it's so easy to accomplish. Made with a cardboard tube and with some slicing, then moulded with little fingers. Finally, it is painted with vibrant colour and voilá!

When I started this drawing, I imagined the object in metal with cut star-shaped eyes on it to intensify the fragility and fineness of the metal tube and the shininess of mirrored surface. 

The three-dimensional drawing process is exciting because all the details become noticeable, new ideas appear. It has transported back to my childhood in Porto, a distant memory today.